Dr Shuvendu Jena

Atomic & Molecular Physics DivisionBhabha Atomic Research Centre 


I do research on thin films and multilayer optical coatings and its related areas which are essential for developing precision optical devices viz. high reflection mirrors, antireflection coatings, narrow bandpass filters, beam splitters/combiners, heat mirrors, etc. in the UV-VIS-NIR region. Apart from that, research is being carried out on Tamm plasmon based hybrid photonic structures targeting perfect absorber, refractive index sensor, hot electron photodetector, and low emissivity coating applications.  

Research interests:  Thin films; Multilayer; Optical coatings; Surface plasmon; Tamm plasmon; Photonic crystals

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Elsevier publishing: Thin Solid Films, Journal of Noncrystalline Solid, Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids, Vacuum, Ceramic International, Surface and Coating Technology, Applied Surface Science, Physica C,IOP publishing: Materials Research Express, Surface Topography, Nano ExpressAIP publishing: Journal of Applied PhysicsOSA publishing: Applied Optics, Optics Express, Optics Letter, Optical Material Express, Chinese Optics Letters